Military Non-Profit

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Tactical Ops Outdoors is proud to be partnered with Hopes and Dreams Riding Facility, Inc. as our military non-profit company. From knowing what it’s like to serve, to knowing what it’s like to have your son’s come home from war. From these life experiences, Hopes and Dreams Riding Facility, Inc. started to form.

With horses as the teachers and licensed professionals by their side, they are building confidence and communication skills. The partnership between human and horse is powerful in it’s teachings. This with the peace of a ranch setting and all the other exciting activities makes this a place to help reintegrate soldiers perfectly.

Hopes and Dreams Riding Facility, Inc. has a long history of excellence. They are a 501-(c)(3) non-profit and have some of the best licensed help around. Everyone from riding instructors to medically certified personnel to Neurologists, Psychologists, and Occupational Therapists. Learn more about Hopes and Dreams riding facility on their website at

From all of us, we thank you for helping our service members and to all of our service members, we thank you for all you do.