Our Mission

Our goal is to help you the client and our military service men and women. We accomplish this through many different legs of this company.

We specialize in covert surveillance such as:

  • Land owners with suspicion of trespassing hunters or poachers
  • Property Surveillance and Site Security
  • Bodyguard – Personal Security
  • Private Investigation

In this, we provide our clients with photos, videos and detailed information to prove and help to win your case.

We work hard to manage preditor problems through the means of either relocate or kill. We assist other agencies with herd population control to assure herds stay managed and healthy. We also support conservation methods and projects.

We will work with all of our product sponsors to bring you product review on everything we use and more to help you on your next purchase.

In doing all of this 10% of all our proceeds will go to a military non-profit. We can’t do enough for our service members but we hope to help. Through your support of this company you get quality and integral service and help to support our military.

We thank you and God Bless America!